Sunday, May 25, 2008

Citrus Berry Salad with Agave Mint Dressing

One of the reasons I started this blog is to participate in the myriad culinary challenges that are floating around the blogosphere.  While reading The Domestic Goddess, I realized that this month's Sugar High Friday challenge is coming to an end, and Tartlette, this month's host, set a citrus challenge! I love how refreshing citrus is, so I decided to leave it mostly unadulterated in this salad.  It's amazing on its own or paired with the creamy vanilla ice cream I churned up today!  The agave and mint dressing add a sweet freshness, although the strawberries were sweet enough by themselves.

Citrus Berry Salad with Agave Mint Dressing

3 medium oranges (also great with honey tangerines!)
1 pt strawberries
1 tbs agave nectar
2-3 tbs orange juice
handful of mint leaves
tiny pinch of vanilla salt

supreme the oranges, catching the juice over a bowl.  trim and slice strawberries. set aside.
blend agave nectar with the orange drippings and salt. chiffonade mint and add with fruit.  toss. 

serve alone, on a pound cake, with ice cream, whatever.  


Anonymous said...

I'll eat you delish!!
If you don't get off your hands off those maracas I'm going to restrain you!!
This salad looks deliciosa! Please bring some for me :)

Helen said...

Thank you for participating! What a refreshing treat!