Saturday, May 31, 2008

CSA week 2!

Week 2 at the CSA features collard green, beets, chives, baby spinach, strawberries, ground pork, swiss cheese, and milk.
Horray, more meals to plan! 

P has already decided he'll use the collards and beet greens tomorrow night to be served with slow-roasted pork shoulder. oooh pork shoulder.  

Beets will be made into the delightful old standby of roast beet and onion salad with honeyed goat cheese from DiBrunos.  that honey goat cheese is like crack I could eat so much of it.

Chives will be used in tonight's soba and tofu dish in place of scallions and turned into chive butter and maybe chive oil.  

I don't drink whole milk since it doesn't agree with me, but I got it as our dairy option this week so that we could make strawberry ice cream and to use to make ricotta, since we have leftover buttermilk that needed to be used.  Yes, I make my own cheese, and I will post on that sooner or later. 

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yarnbeast said...

That chive tofu dish was lovely :)