Sunday, May 25, 2008

First CSA pickup!

Yesterday was our first pickup at our CSA, Greensgrow Farms.  This is our 3rd CSA year (2nd at Greensgrow) and we love being able to get more then just veggies.  The variety is great too, so there will be no repeat of the Summer '06 5 strait weeks of red cabbage.  

In this week's pick up (small, as it is the beginning of the season):
chicken sausage

So many meals to make, so little time. 
So far, the asparagus will be grilled for a warm salad inspired by the spring salad at Tria.
Strawberries and mint will be made into a fruit salad to top homemade ice cream.  I'm also making a jar of mint simple-syrup to be used all summer in bevvies.
Chicken sausage will be put on grilled pizza for memorial day inspired by this story on Serious Eats. 
farm stand at Greensgrow

Check out Greensgrow- they are an urban farm on a remediated brownfield in the Kenzington/Port Richmond border.  They grow hydroponically and in raised beds.  They also make their own honey (called Honey from the Hood) and biodeisel.  I work with inner city children, and I am hoping to take them there this summer and show them that fruit and vegetables can come from their own neighborhood.  You'd be shocked how few vegetables these kids can recognize.  

Updates on how things turn out to come!

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Jonathan said...

The pizza was yummy. Sorry I drank all your beer...........again.