Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Black and White Cookies or, Sublimation: your psyche's healthiest defense mechanism

Today was a crap day.  Kids at work running all over the place, generally being bad (wait- there are no bad kids, only bad choices, right?).  Our room has no AC, and today was a hot one.  On my way home I spent an era in the asian grocery store looking for galangal (no luck) and coconut milk (of course!  you have a whole separate section for coconut milk.  how silly of me.). Then a biker cuts me off and I nearly hit her, and she has the nerve to tell me to "pay attention".  
P and I arrive home and I promptly serve myself a bowl of cocoa krispies for dinner.  Shame spiral ensues for eating sugary cereal instead of a balanced meal.  

Time to turn destruction into production. There is a bowl of leftover ganache in my fridge- what to do (besides eat with a spoon?) A glance to my bookshelf provides instant inspiration: black and white cookies! These have become a recent favorite- really cake disguised as a cookie.  You B&W cookie conniseurs out there know that some are fantabulous, while others can be horrid.  

Martha' new cookie book says that you should be able to roll this dough.  In what universe?  This dough was incredibly sticky - i needed a mini scoop but i used my fingers instead.  messy.  Also it is supposed to make about 4 dozen.  Not even 2 dozen.  No matter, I was just looking to fill some time, but I suppose I should report on the accuracy of the recipe.  

End result- soft, cakeyness in the cookie, just like I like 'em, with tasty frosting on both sides.  I'll make them again, but use a scoop so they look pretty and my hands stay clean.
(sorry no picture, they all came out too fuzzy for human consumption)

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