Sunday, June 22, 2008

PSA: Zingermans food catalog/

Just a PSA for all you foodies out there. 

I recently purchased the "power of pork" gift for my husband from Zingerman's.  It features 4 types of bacon, a Voges bacon chocolate bar, a sheet of recipes and a canvas tote for $90. (I know, expensive, and you have to pay pricey overnight shipping,  but anyhow, the point is not that I paid this much in the first place, the point is what happened today.)  I received the Zingerman's catalog in the mail today and was dismayed to find that each of the products sold separately by them are MUCH cheaper then purchasing them in your gift set.

 Help me with the math- $9 chocolate bar, applewood bacon $17, long peppered bacon $19, Kentucky bacon $ 11, and Virginia bacon $11 = $67. I'm just wondering where the extra money is going. I had thought perhaps the packages of bacon in the set would be larger then the standard, but after examining them they the same weight as offered separately. Is the tote and the sheet of paper that they provide as a "bonus" $23 dollars??  (the chocolate bar is also described as a "bonus," but I calculated it in with the price anyhow.)

I'm not unwilling to spend money on quality products, but I am not willing to spend more for products I can purchase at a cheaper price, from the same retailer.

I have emailed Zingerman's customer service and will update if I hear a response. 

UPDATE: Zingerman's has refunded the price of the package.  Their customer service is excellent and is clearly very dedicated to customer satisfaction.


JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

That is terrible. I hope they are able to come up with a reason for the price jump and also will compensate you somehow!

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Anonymous said...


That is bad form from them; let me know if you get your money back; I will help you if you want me to

Mom Joan