Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Petoskey Files

My great pal, lover of all things tasty, former roomate and bridesmaid S is getting her Ph D. at Berkeley.  This means she lives very far away.  However, she has been dating this lovely, smiley boy named K  with hair of goodness who is from Petoskey, Michigan.  He and S have been spending the summer at his summer cottage on Walloon Lake where they invited us to come for a visit. Hooray!  So me, P, and Clementine, the bravest dog in the world, piled in our car and drove over 800 miles through the night to arrive in this wonderland where there is a garden full of veggies, a dock onto the lake, a hand-cranked ice cream maker and a big floating trampoline.  The forthcoming posts will chronicle many of our family adventures here.  

a glimpse of things to come:

American Spoon cafe and store.  That American Spoon.

places Hemmingway got bombed

tiny robbers

learning to can

michigan beekeepers

man-sized stuffed bear

meals from the garden

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