Friday, September 19, 2008

"Man with a Tray Cupcakes" or Malibu Pina Colada Cupcakes with Lime Cream Cheese Frosting

I have many criteria for a perfect vacation.  One of them is that for some part of the vacation I get to sit on the beach (or by a pool, if I must) while a man with a tray brings me pina coladas.  If that man were to bring me a cupcake instead of a drink, he would bring me these.

Start with a plain old cupcake. Add pineapple, Malibu, and coconut.  Bake.  Hit it with a syrup made of sugar and Malibu, just for that extra rummy goodness.  Frost with your standard cream cheese frosting zinged up with lime juice and zest.  Top with a lime wedge.  Smile, relax, and swim.  The man will be around with another one soon, and you can charge it to your hotel room. 

I mixed these up for Cupcake Hero, an event I have been meaning to participate in forever.  This month's theme was to combine any two of the past themes.  I chose lime and liquor.  Check out other entries through the end of the month here

I'm gonna go for a twofer and submit these also to Sugar HIgh Friday: Cupcakes.  yeah!

Man With a Tray Cupcakes

Pina Colada Cupcakes
adapted from Crazy About Cupcakes by Krystina Castella
1 sitck unslated butter, melted and cooled
1/3 c pineapple juice
2 T rum
1 t vanilla
3 eggs
1.5 c all purpose flour
1 c granulated sugar
1 t baking powder
.5 t baking soda
.25 t salt
1/3 c crushed pineapple
1/3 c shredded coconut ( I used unsweetened) 

preheat oven to 350.  line cupcake pan. 

beat together melted butter, pineapple juice, rum and vanilla.  add eggs, one at a time, mixing until well blended.

in a separate bowl, blend flour, sugar, baking soda, baking powder and salt. 

with mixer on low speed, add dry ingredients to wet, gradually.  fold in pineapple and coconut.

fill liners 3/4 of the way.  bake 20-25 minutes until a cake tester comes out clean.

While still warm, top with

Malibu Syrup

1/2 c sugar
1/4 c water
2 T Malibu (or more, to taste
1 t vanilla
1 t butter

bring sugar and water to a boil over med-high heat.  after 2 minutes, add malibu, vanilla and butter.  let cook 3-5 minutes more until syrupy. 

when cool, frost with

Lime-Cream Cheese Frosting
1 stick of butter
8oz cream cheese
1-2 c powdered sugar (to taste)
juice and zest of 1 lime
1 t malibu or vanilla

combine all ingredients except sugar using a hand mixer.  add powdered sugar gradually to each desired sweetness and consistency. 


  1. Oh My GOD!!! Holy cupcakemixology!!! That sounds incredible! Makes me want to shake the ingredients in a cocktail glass. But I won't. I need to find me some Malibu. Maybe I'll sneak some out of the bar I work in.

  2. Can you actually taste the rum in the cupcake without the syrup? I know when I bake with rum, either I have a poor tongue or the rum gets baked out and you can't taste it anymore. That's probably where the syrup comes in lol

    Good luck in CH! I want to enter, especially with a theme so easy, but I haven't thought of anything good yet.

  3. @carla- yeah, you really need the syrup to taste the Malibu . . . otherwise it gets lost. Sometimes I use dark rum if I am out of vanilla. I don't think there is anything wrong with your tongue (although I have never seen it). The syrup turned out great- really tasted of Malibu. These were, if I may say so, AWESOME.

  4. Hey ! I did realized you cupcakes , (in my way of course , I had to convert you measures in French measures) ; I posted it on my blog , would you come and see ? =)
    See you !

  5. Mother of pearl. Just saw this featured on Pinterest and it's like Christmas Eve over here... I'm ready to rush to bed just to wake up tomorrow to try these! :)

  6. How many cupcakes does this recipe make?

  7. Would you happen to have the calorie count?! My husband made these for me for my birthday and they are amazing! I would suggest leaving the syrup off. It hardened after he made them. It made the paper stick to them and was quite messy.

  8. Just made these. I got 17 cupcakes out of the recipe. The icing is delicious! I wanted to eat it right out of the bowl. I only taste tested bits of 1 cupcake (adding sugar to the icing to see how tart I could keep it), the rest are going to work tomorrow for a co-workers birthday. Yum!

  9. When you put "t" do you mean tsp or tbsp????

  10. Lower case 't' means teaspoon. Upper case 'T' means tablespoon.

  11. Hi what does .5 and .25 means I'm sorry I bake a lot but I haven't seen anything with a point lol
    Thank you

  12. .5 is a half, .25 is a quarter

  13. How long will these stay good? Should I store in the fridge? Looks amazing@

  14. I did not think that the cake part was very flavorful. It might help to add rum extract instead of real rum. Also, since a standard recipe usually calls for 24 cupcakes why not create this recipe to do that? I was not that impressed, but the idea is grand. Also, to be fair, I haven't frosted them yet. Another suggestion is to put some zest of lime into the batter for more flavor.

  15. approximately how much is a "stick" of butter (Ie. Cups, mls).
    Thanks, I can't wait to make these :)

  16. Stick of butter = 1/4 pound, 4 oz., 8 tablespoons, 1/2 cup

  17. I just found this on Pinterest & I can't wait to make them! What a great idea! Thank you.

  18. Oh my goodness...these could make my work day WAY more enjoyable! Lol. I think I'll switch the malibu and water for a much more enjoyable experience! Lol.

  19. before putting syrup poke holes with toothpick all over cupcakes makes the syrup soak into the whole cupcake...yummy rummy goodness!!!!!!!

  20. These sound yummy. are these ok for children to eat?

  21. Hey Anonymous, that's up to you. There's not all that much booze in them and you could certainly dial it down if you were worried about getting your kids buzzed.

  22. I made these cupcakes yesterday. They are amazing! I doubled the recipe and got 36 cupcakes. For the frosting I put the rest of my can of crushed pineapple in which made the lime not so strong and overbearing. Also I would suggest that if you like lighter frosting maybe add some coolwhip to it :)

  23. Do you have to make cupcakes or can you just make it into a full sheet cake?

  24. I just made these:)! They are AHmazing!!!
    Frosting tho.. Is so runny, it won't stay on top of the cupcakes:(:( what did I do wrong:(? It taste so good tho!!
    Will make these many times again!!!