Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Birthday, Neil!

Today is my little brother's birthday.  He is 24 and lives in Los Angeles with his dog, Tyson.  Here is a cupcake I made for him.  Neil, one day when you are a rich successful agent, you can remember your poor social worker sister and the cupcake she made you for your birthday even though you were gambling with dad and his money in Las Vegas and were not here to eat it.  Then you can return the favor by buying me something nice, like my own bakery, or at least a nice vacation.  Have fun!

PS I am mailing your present tomorrow.


Carla said...

My brother's name is Neil as well! He is 26. Strange, no? haha

nobu said...

Happy birthday to your brother.
That cupcake is pretty, and looks delicious.
Thanks for visitting my blog!!

Mom said...


That was very nice to make Neil a cupcake for his birthday. He had some chocolate cake when he was home this weekend.