Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Review: Lunch at Cantina Los Caballitos

Today was my second visit to Cantina Los Caballitos. The Ladies and I went for lunch.  Now there is a ton of hype around this Passyunk Ave eatery and their second location, Cantina Dos Segundos in northern liberties.  I really liked the tacos I had the first time I was there, but today's meal was a disappointment all around, from the food to the service.  

So to start out, the waitress came to take drink orders and tell us the specials while one of us was in the ladies room.  Maybe I am being picky, but I like to be there when drink orders are taken (I was in the ladies room).  Instead of telling us the specials, she told us (well them, she never offered to tell me the specials) to walk inside and look at the bulletin board.  

Ms. C ordered tea, and when it was brought she was brought no real sugar (only artificial sweetener) and no spoon.  We asked for some.  It was brought  . . . eventually.  Throughout the meal our waitress didn't really pay that much attention to us (twice we had to flag her down), although she was kind enough to spill salsa on Ms. A's bag and leg when she cleared our plates.  Awesome.  

Now, on tot he food.  My black bean soup was tasty, but the beans were a little al dente.  I would prefer them to be a bit creamier.  Ms E got the chicken quesadilla which she reported was just okay.  Ms C's fried plantains originally came with cheese and crema all over them (which I don't know why since they were sweet plantains)  She had made it clear she was lactose intolerant, so we sent them back for dairy-free ones.  they were good, but as Ms. C said, "I've had better."  Ms. A and I got the tortilla salad, which was okay, except everything was chopped into such small pieces nothing really stayed on the fork.  I had chicken added to mine but it was a bit over cooked and didn't really add anything to the salad, so I ended up not even eating it.  Oh well. 

Overall, crappy service and "eh" food.  Nothing to rave about.  Perhaps with the new location, they are stretched too thin?  Weekday lunch just not worth it to them?   Royal Tavern, by the same owners, never fails to satisfy. Let's hope it doesn't go the same way as Caballitos. 

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Abby said...

Well put. Probably not gonna head back there anytime soon, although the salsa down my leg was a refreshing surprise. I am looking forward to the next lunch outing.

Ashley Novitski said...


The Cantina welcomes any feedback from our patrons - whether it be positive or negative. We see complaints as perfect opportunities for us to reflect and improve on our food/service/etc. I would very much like to further discuss your dining experience. You may contact me by phone and/or email.

Thank you,