Sunday, September 7, 2008

Review: Positano Coast

A co-worker and I went out this weekend to sample the local artistic talent at First Friday. We needed to fill our bellies, so she suggested Positano Coast, the airy small plate Italian restaurant on 2nd and Walnut. We were on the early side, having just come from the office, so we had our choice of seating. We sat on the very pleasant balcony which filled up fast. They later opened the sliding doors to give the bar area an indoor/outdoor feel, which I thought was lovely. The whole atmosphere was relaxed and transporting without being overly trendy, which I appreciated. The palate is whites and blues with splashes of yellow, which does take me right back to the Amalfi coast.
The evening was very warm, so we ate lightly, which is easy to do with the small plate system. My dining partner had a salad with a curious combination that included shrimp, avocado, and prosciutto, which she really enjoyed. The portion was ample for an appetizer size and the ingredients were excellent. My antipasto platter had excellent fresh mozzerella, roasted peppers, prosciutto, cherry tomatoes, olives and two balls of creamy, crispy fried risotto. I also ordered a side of rapini with ricotta "sauce." I have a feeling the rapini was frozen, but it was nicely seasoned with garlic and red pepper, and the sauce was creamy.
I would return to the relaxing atmosphere of Positano Coast to sample more of their menu.

Positano Coast
212 Walnut Street

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