Thursday, September 18, 2008

Winemaking, South Philly Style: Part One

a photo essay on the tradition of making wine with your friends.  in a basement.  in south philadelphia.  surprisingly enough, this wine is good. 

Boxes of Alicante grapes (Dante brand) in the back of the rental truck, waiting to be crushed.

Grapes in the hopper of the crusher/destemmer

The grapes' juice, pulp and seeds in the fermentation vats prior to the addition of yeast. These will need about a week of fermentation prior to pressing.

For white wine, the juice isn't fermented in the presence of the skins - so the skins go right into the press.

Touching all those grapes can make your hands mighty purple. No, I didn't just strangle Grimace.


Carla said...

So did you take any wine home? i wouldn't mind trying it myself.

Lauren said...

the wine takes a year or so to age and a couple weeks to make. This weekend is the next step. We have tons of last years wine though. I haven't tasted it yet, but if it is decent, and you are a very lucky blogger mentor, maybe you'll get gifted with some. :)

Carla said...

So you come back next year and take home the wine you made? I should look into local wineries and see if I can do the same thing.

Ooo we could exchange packages! Probably not right away because it takes me forever to find the perfect stuff. Plus I want to know your likes/dislikes so I don't mail anything horrible heehee Perhaps with the holidays in a few months, maybe we could do a Christmas package (assuming you celebrate Christmas)?

Lauren said...

@Carla, ok, I am JUST now getting to your comment . . . my husband and his father have been making wine with the same guys for 14 years. They own their own set up in the basement of one guys store. So they are in charge of it all year round and check it periodically. They kind of are the winery, except they don't grow the grapes, they buy them.

We should definitely exchange packages- Christmas sounds like a perfect time!