Monday, October 6, 2008

Operation Baking Gals Round Up!

Today the last day to ship for Operation Baking Gals- already the teammates of Team We'll Eat Everything have sent out a ton of delightful goodies to our sailor Eddie and his friends.

A great big thank you goes out to all the bakers out there- bloggers and non-bloggers alike who help to support this event and especially to those who made tasty concoctions on our team! Here is a sampling:

I made chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin, and of course, did not take a picture.  I did, however, take a taste, and they were good!

Dawn and her friend Jenny made Rice Krispy Treats, Chocolate Chip Cookies, and also sent soem granola bars and easy mac!

Alicia from Alicia's Daily Dish sent outa package of cookies and goodies she and her family put together.

Janet from All I Want is Chocolate made Chocolate Malted Woper Drops

Melissa made chocolate chip cookies

Katia from Tiny Truffles made m and m cookies and cowboy cookies!

Natalie from Crafy Natalie made rice krispie treats and Double Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Abby made Chocolate chip with hershey's kisses in them!

Tami from Whisked Away made butterscotch oatmeal cookies, chocolate chip pecan cookies and chocolate chip toffee cookies!

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Jennifer Moore said...

Hi Lauren,

I am sorry that I am such a spaz. See
for what I baked.