Friday, October 10, 2008

Review: Abyssinia Ethiopian

Abyssinia Ethiopian is a back room restaurant behind a bar that serves fantastic ethiopian food.  It sits inconpicously on a corner on 45th and Locust in University City. Those in the know will enter the unmarked side door on Locust that takes you right into the restaurant itself.  Maps and carvings from Ethiopia line the walls and they have several tables in the back that appear to be authentically appointed with woven basket tops, although I'm not exactly an expert on what is "authentic ethiopian".

All dishes are served on injera, a flat, spongy bread made from fermented teff. More injera is used as a vehicle to move food to mouth, and no utensils are used.  It's served family style, on round plates so everyone can share. On our last outing, a huge plate was brought so that all 6 in attendance could eat from the same vessel.

ethiopian food on injera, courtesy wikipedia

Service is usually slow, as is the wait for the food, but it's worth it for this out of the ordinary treat.  We like to share the meat combination platter, but I'm also particularly fond of the vegetarian dished they make with lentils and collards.  Vegetarian dishes, it seems, is where they really shine, especially if you like spice, since berebere is in almost all of their dishes.  All the food is tender and moist, as if it has been slow-coked for hours (it probably has).

If Ethiopian food is new to you, give Abyssinia a try.  If you are an old fan but haven't tried this restaurant, add it to your list.

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E said...

The service at Abyssinia can kind of suck, sometimes it is worth it to make an entire night of dining on their great food and then head upstairs for live bluegrass music. Loving your blog!