Monday, October 6, 2008

Review: Parc

Parc, Steven Starr's newest opening on Rittenhouse Square has been packed to the gills every time I walk by.  It's sidewalk seating by the park makes it a great warm weather destination, but inside it oozes enough Parisian charm to make you go back whatever the weather.

My dear friend M was in for a visit, and besides getting to meet her son E, the cutest baby ever and my new best friend, we got a lovely girls only dinner in at Parc. 

Service was friendly, prompt and attentive (and our waiter was really cute).  M and I just got 2 appetizers each and it was plenty for a full meal with leftovers.  My soup a l'ognion gratinee had a rich, flavorful broth and they certaintly don't skimp on the cheese, which was delightfully crispy around the edges.  M's tart had wonderful, light puff pastry base and was topped with caramelized onions and goat cheese.  The brandade had a soft, fluffy texture and was creamy and flavorful.  The breadcrumbs on the cauliflower gratin gave it needed crunch.  We shared the pomme frites which were good, although M and I agreed they could stand to be crispier.  

Dessert time: Fantastic, light tarte tatin and a deep dark baked chocolate mousse.  I had never had baked chocolate mousse before -it's very rich and very dark.  Unless you are true chocoholic, don't miss the tatin.  I bet they make a mean creme brulee as well.  

The drinks on the menu looked amazing, although we didn't try any, I would definitely go back just for cocktail hour. 

The price tag was a bit high, as one might expect from a Starr- my bill was $50 for two appetizers and a dessert, mind you we did not drink any alcohol.  It was worth it though for a nice splurge of a meal with an old,
Parc on Urbanspoon dear friend.

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Marni said...

Mommy Lisa-it is always a pleasure dining with you. Can't wait til it becomes a regular activity again. E sends smooches and drool.