Monday, November 10, 2008

Review: King of Tandoor

King of Tandoor is a new-ish Indian restaurant on Callowhill street near the Art Museum. There has been an influx of new indian offerings in the city over the last few years.  King of Tandoor may not be the most trendy, but it is certainly a welcome addition.

Having had take out from King of Tandoor several times, last night we ventured there for a meal with friends.  I have tried several dishes and have been satisfied with all of them, but I have to report that I have hit upon a dynamite meal that never fails to amaze and please: puri bahji and saj panir. 

Puri Bahji is a spicy chickpea dish that comes with a delicious puffy bread.  A squeeze of lemon over the chickpeas adds a nice brightness that counters the spice.  The Saj Panir is just a.  The panir is house made and it is so fresh it squeaks (in a good way).  The spinach is fresh and creamy and perfectly seasoned.  I could eat this all day.  

P had a mixed tandoor platter which had moist, flavorful chicken.  The lamb and shrimp were a bit overcooked, but still had excellent flavor.  The fresh naan was fluffy and light.

The service is pleasant but a bit spotty: very attentive at times, but it took a long long time to get our check.  Take out is very quick, especially in comparison to some other indian deliveries (ahem, Tiffin).  Prices are comparable to other indian in the area. Overall, I'm a fan, and this in on my delivery go to list.  They also have a $10.95 lunch buffet on weekends that seems to be worth a shot. 

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Jeff Stewart said...

Nice post Lauren. My wife and I are "the friends" who joined Lauren and Paul and King of Tandoor. We split the Chicken Shagoti and the Chef's Special Vegetable Delight. We enjoyed the chicken dish but did not care for the vegetable delight. The appetizers and naan are excellent. We will definitely go back. Next time I am going to try the Tandoori Chicken as I tried Paul's and it was delicious.

Rockhopper said...

You need to check your restaurant links. Many of them -like this one - have the protocol twice.