Friday, November 14, 2008

Review: Maoz Falafel

Maoz makes my favorite falafel in the city, hands down.  It's a Dutch falafel chain that has been in Philadelphia for about 4 years.  Their first store, on South St was joined by a second on Walnut on in 2007.  

Maoz falafels are freshly fried and are crispy, well seasoned, and overall delicious.  Their tasty goodness is complemented by a wonderland of a salad bar where you can add your own veggies to your heart's delight including spicy carrots, cucumbers, olives, tabouleh, onions, and my favorite, fried cauliflower!!! Hummous, Feta, Eggplant, and Avocado are available for an additional fee.  

The falafels come in a regular size (5 balls) and junior (3 balls).  Get the junior- you have more room for veggies and return trips to the salad bar.  You may think the salad platter is the better deal, but you'd be wrong- no return trips on salad.  Here's another trick- while you falafel is frying, ask the dude behind the counter if you can start putting veggies in your pita- this way you can have ultimate distribution of veggies under the falafel as well as on top. Don't forget the tahini and garlic mayo!! Maoz also sells Belgian frites but I advise you skip them and fill up on falafel.

Full disclosure- I first discovered Maoz when visiting my pal Jenny in Amsterdam in 2002.  I declared we would have to eat there every day of my 3 week visit.  Jenny moved to Philadelphia in 2004, and her arrival was followed by the opening of Maoz's first US store!  Hooray!  I was more then thrilled.

Bottom line- go to Maoz.  I don't want to hear about the wonders of Bitars, Mama's, King of Falafel, etc until you have tried Maoz (unless we are talking about the Casablanca truck at Penn because they are a close second).  I am done.  Thank You. t

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conkyfilms said...

So I have been to Maoz, and that qualifies me to say that though I love you, you are dead wrong and King of Falafel at 16th & JFK is better. Furthermore, the "wrap" style of falafel is and forever will be superior to the "pocket" style, aside from the disadvantage of not being able to put your own fixins in.

Carla said...

I've never had a falafel before. Too bad I don't live near Maoz.