Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Philly Blogger Potluck!

A big thanks to  Messy and Picky, who opened their home to host the Philly Area Food Blogger Potluck this past weekend. It was great to meet so many of the bloggers whose words I have been reading for months, and to taste their delicious creations. I’ve added a lot of my new friends to my Philly Reads section, so please visit their blogs and see what they are making and where they are eating! I will be blogging about the super secret dessert I brought later in the month, so stay tuned!

Check out fun photos from the evening on Messy and Picky's flickr stream!


Taylor said...

It was so nice to meet the creator (and her husband) behind all the lovely desserts and food I drool over that are on your blog. Hope to see you soon.

conkyfilms said...

Speaking as the husband, allow me to also express what a fine experience it was meeting some fellow members of the Philly food-blog community. Hope to see you again.

Oh also, I CHALLENGE YOU TO A DUEL! If there are any takers please let me know. Kthxbye.

Travis Ingersoll said...

Although I only knew two of the fellow foodies (including you) when I first arrived at the gathering, I had a great time chatting it up with everybody. Next time I'll be sure to bring a dinner dish. It took a while for me to come down from my sugar high! But I'd do it again:)