Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Review: The Pop Shop

The Pop Shop sits on Haddon Avenue, the main strip in Collingswood’s downtown. It’s a throwback diner/soda fountain decorated with bright modern colors.

The menu is huge: breakfast all day, build your own burgers, 20 types of grilled cheese, several varieties of fries. There are vegetarian and vegan options, so everyone can come hungry and leave happy.

For the kids (or the kid in you) you can get endless flavors of soda and amazing sounding milkshakes. All the ice cream concoctions sound great, in fact. I’d love to go back for dessert alone.

As I said, the menu is huge, which is a little overwhelming. I was pretty sure I wanted a grilled cheese, and even deciding which one was a challenge, mainly because they all looked so good.
My Edison,(grilled cheddar, smoked ham, and green apples on ciabatta) was tasty, although I would have liked more apples and loved a little honey mustard. P’s Ogden (classic American and tomato on white) was well made and tasty for the straightforward sandwich that it was. They use good quality, thick country white, making a substantial sandwich. P’s tomato soup was warm and creamy (yet not cream based). My hand cut fries were nice and crispy, and not too greasy. Service was friendly and efficient  

Pop Shop serves up solid, inventive diner food at an affordable price (less than $10 each). I wouldn’t make a special trip over the river (well, maybe to try the dessert), but it sure beats the food court at the mall.

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conkyfilms said...

P here - I must rebut this review. Despite its high aspirations and magnum opus of a menu, I don't think the Shop's food is much better than "competently mediocre". My grilled cheese, simple as it was, was far from a home run: the tomato was under-ripe and sliced too thick, making it crunchier that it should have been; the thickness of the bread inhibited the melting of the cheese so that I could still see the individual slices and there was no appealing "pull-apart" phenomenon; and the cheese itself was rather mediocre. The tomato soup, while very tomatoey, was also quite acidic. Furthermore, I felt the prices were a bit high, and the service was not really very attentive at all, despite there being about six waitresses and the place being only 25% full.

Furthermore, stay away if you don't like kids. Although there was only one screaming baby there for our visit, there was an embarrassing incident in which a balloon popping startled me, causing me to spill my coffee into my coleslaw. (The coleslaw which, by the way, had a distinct cardboardy taste to it, and this was before I spilled the coffee into it.) In summary, not a bad place for lunch if you've just been to the mall and have few alternatives, but definitely not worth the trip and the toll from Philly for a special visit.

frieswiththatshake said...

I have to say that I love the Pop Shop! Their fries are awesome. I get overwhelmed by the menu but I also like having every option in front of me. Their entrees are definitely worth trying as well. The meatloaf is especially good. I would agree with one thing the previous commenter said, if you don't like kids this might not be the place for you. Other than that I totally think it's worth the trip and for us Philly folks it is a really easy commute on the PATCO, it's a really short walk from the Collingswood stop.

Notzarela said...

We went to the Pop Shoppe today (two days after Christmas) and had a delightful lunch. Although we had to wait 30 minutes for a table, our time was spent perusing the various shops on Haddon Ave. The owner was most accommodating and apologetic because of our long wait, but the service was excellent. I had a delicious, real ground beef burger (deluxe) and J had a grilled soy cheese sandwich and tomato soup, which smelled delicious. The menu is mind-boggling, and we must return to try out breakfast or more grilled cheese selections. All in all, a very pleasant experience. There were noisy kids (and adults) but that just added to the experience. Not recommended for a date where you want to talk, but a fun place to go!