Monday, December 22, 2008

Trip to the Philippines!

For our last trip before the holidays, the My Kitchen My World crew traveled to the Philippines.  With guidance from some of P's Filipino co-workers, we got some tried and true recipes for fresh lumpia and pork adobo which we cooked up for a quick dinner.

I loved the lumpia-  it was very different from the little fried rolls I am used to having- much fresher and brighter in taste.  The wraps were easy to make
 and the filling mixed up quickly.  I loved the added crunch that the lettuce in the wraps added.

The pork and chicken adobo was also very good- slightly acerbic due to the vinegar in the recipe, but the meat was surprisingly tender and flavorful.  Our dishes got the seal of aproval from Evelyn and Jim, who helped us select the menu.

Again, something I would never think of to make at home, but satisfying and easier then I would expect.  I love these little travels of ours that we take every week from our kitchen!

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