Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Plantain Pancakes with Honey Yogurt Sauce

I'll Eat You is about to solve one of your greatest problems: what to do with all of that leftover fufu? OK, so having too many mashed plantains is probably not on your top ten list of concerns, but here's what we did with the cup or so we had left over after our cuban meal last week: added it to pancakes. Specifically, to a half-recipe of Trader Joe's multigrain pancake (gasp) mix.

We topped them with a simple mixture of yogurt and honey and a handful of chopped pistachios. In all honesty, the plantains didn't add all that much flavor to the pancakes, but adding them in achieved the job of removing it from our refrigerator, and is among our list of recommended uses for leftover plantains. Enjoy!

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pinkstripes said...

Plantain pancakes sound delicious. So does the sauce. Thanks for sharing.