Friday, January 23, 2009

The Tasty Bits, January 17-23

Tasty Bits from the internet this week:

First and foremost, a new food blog on the scene!  Big East Baker, written by my friend and co-worker, Abby! I've converted her to the world of food blogging from across our desks.  Today is her inaugural post, so head over, check her out, and give her some love! (she promises a post from me about rice krispies treats- check back tomorrow)

Green Peas Cookies from My Kitchen.  Just in time for Chinese New Year.  Peas?  In a Cookie?  What must these taste like?? I am so curious I just might make these. 

Homemade root beer at Chez What? Makes me long for summer during this cold, cold season.  Specifically, for root beer floats.  

These are described as a homemade alternative to wheat thins, which sounds alright by me.  But the concept of savory shortbread sounds perfect, and parmesan seems like a perfect pairing to the buttery, crumbly texture.  

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e said...

Went to visit Big East Baker, but there wasn't a single post! Those pea cookies look intriguing. If you make them, can I try one?