Friday, February 20, 2009

The Tasty Bits, February 20th

Here what's been catching my eye lately, and apparently, reminding me of friends I haven't seen in years:

Chicken and Dumplings from The Bitten Word.  I haven't had chicken and dumplings since my friend Helen made them for us when we were living in DC.  She is from the south and they were awesome.  I am a little scared to try them and ruin my memory of Helen's- but I might make these, they look so good.

It's It's on Serious Eats. Have you ever had an It's It? Very Northern CA. I forgot they even existed till I saw this post. They are these amazing ice cream sammies made with oatmeal cookies and a zillion grams of fat.  My elementary and high school cafeteria used to have them.  My friend Kerry used to be obsessed with them, but she was a swimmer and her metabolism could handle them.  She lives in New Jersey now.  I bet she misses them, too. 

Apple of My Eye at Pastry Studio looks fantastic, even if it's from a couple weeks ago.  I love love love apple desserts with cheddar cheese, like my dear friend Emily and her family like to eat them.  This looks like a super fancy shmancy version, but I could just as well go for a piece of Em's mom's famous pie right now . . . 

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