Monday, April 20, 2009

The Kitchen Cure: Week One

I've decided to participate in the 6 week Kitchen Cure going on over at The Kichn.  First assignment?  Clean out/organize your fridge and freezer and pantry.  Great idea.  Have I done it?  Not yet- but I will.  In 9 glorious days, we're moving from our lovely but small home with tiny kitchen to our new gigundo home with it's amazing kitchen!!  

We'll be going from this, serviceable but at times inconvenient single door, top freezer that never closes brute:

To this large, french door, bottom freezer lovely!!

I can't be more excited about our new fridge, not to mention all the extra cabinets and counter space.  My Kitchen Aid will have a permanent home on our countertop!

Of course, it's not the kitchen that makes the chef but the chef that makes the kitchen.  We've done fabulous and delicious things in our current space.  But the idea of more space keeps the projects spinning in my head!   I will proudly display my newly organized newly purchased kitchen in a couple of weeks.  Until then, happy Kitchen Curing!

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Karen said...

That sound you hear is the madly envious gnashing of my teeth. I love the fridge. I ought to participate in this as well - my fridge would probably thank me. :)