Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ultimate Smackdown Cake!

What a nightmare.  This cake is going to haunt me in my dreams.  It involved some creativity, some near-tears, and a last minute revelation to save the day.  

As followers of this blog may remember, I work with children.  Every so often a child completes our program and "graduates."  We make a big deal of this, and throw a party.  The graduate also gets to choose what kind of treat they want.  One wanted chocolate chip cookies. Easy peasy.  Our last graduate wanted a yellow cake with a car on it.  No biggie. Our current graduate wanted a wrestling cake.  As in, a cake shaped like a wrestling ring.  With wrestlers on it. 

Remember, I am not a professionally trained pastry chef.  Or cake decorator.  My idea of creative is colored icing. 

My first attempt at red sides to this cake was so laughable yet distressing I didn't think I could bring it in.  A last minute save came in the form of wrapping the leftover twizzlers (the ropes) around the sides.  This brought a nice bright red and saved the day.  Thanks to Paul for the WWE logo in the middle.

All I can say is, never again.

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