Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bakesale: An apple for the teacher

This kind of apple isn't a healthy one - it's a sweeter kind, made for Teacher Appreciation Week (which was last week).  
I'm adding to the bake sale goodies by thanking the teacher who I work with daily and who spend so much time helping children in many ways- academic and otherwise. 

I used Alton Brown's sugar cookie dough, which rolls and cuts easily, as long as you keep it cold. You can use your favorite sugar cookie recipe- I'm sure we all have one.   I used 2 consistencies of royal icing  to frost them- I piped medium royal icing around the sides, then flooded the centers with thin.  I bit of melted dark chocolate completed the stem.  

Just a note- it is very hard to replicate a true red color.  I have found this too many times when coloring icing that i get a disappointing pink. I picked up a new red today "christmas red" but I'm just not that hopeful.

These are my second entry for the Blogiversary Bake Sale I'm holding between now and 5/22 to benefit the World Food Program.  Check out our page on Firstgiving, and "buy" a cookie if you like!


Sara said...


Jennifer said...

Awww.. those are so cute! I think you are right, it's hard to get a true red, even with gel food colorings, especially in white icing.

Pamela said...

Very cute cookies!

Katie said...

these are so adorable. my sister is a teacher and i'm thinking i should do something apple related. =) great post.

Hillary said...

I forgot about teacher appreciation week :(. These cookies are super cute though and I should definitely make them for all my teacher friends next year! :)