Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Review: Honey's Sit N' Eat

My aversion to brunch has been well documented, so I'm not going to go into another thought-provoking, erudite and entertaining rant here. But no review of Honey's Stand 'n Wait Honey's Sit 'n Eat would be complete without a mention of the fact that our party of four spent somewhere between 45 minutes and an hour (including a trip to Silk City to see if the wait was any shorter) waiting for a table in the chilly November morn. So it had better be damn good.

Damn good? Well, good-ish. Our hopes were high at the outset because sitting down at a table was a relief, and the coffee was good (but $2.50 a cup? Come on. Way too much for a place like this, and "bottomless" is not a nicety, it's a basic human right at a place like this, so touting the cup's bottomlessness on the menu doesn't impress me. Anyway...). The fried green tomatoes we ordered to start were very promising: breaded with cayenne-spiked cornmeal, crisply fried and not greasy, served with a homemade ranch sauce that worked nicely with the flavors and textures of the tomato.

But then our mains arrived and the table was flooded in a sea of meh. The pastrami portion of my pastrami and eggs was pretty good, and I did enjoy the green-pepper-laden home fries, but the over-easy eggs were limp and watery, and the rye toast was barely toasted at all. The egg portion of our friend's omelette was overcooked, and the contraption suffered from the too-many-wet-ingredients syndrome that spells disaster for any egg dish. The "latkes" were some kind of weird, triangular, gray-in-the-middle potato mess that was not all that enjoyable. Lauren's "enfrijoladas" was a pseudo-Mexican pile of stuff with some very rubbery scrambled eggs at the center.

Brother, it just ain't worth it. Not the time, not the money (it was something like $70 for the four of us to have breakfast). Not the bearded beady-eyed hipsters, not the guy that calls out when your table is ready who acts like he would rather be anywhere else in the world. If you can switch your senses off and pretend that the experience is going to be everything you wanted it to be, you can enjoy it. Otherwise it's hard to justify when you can stay home and make yourself a nice omelette for a fraction of the cost and about 2% of the time.

On the plus side: once seated, our service was very friendly and pretty attentive. Otherwise there is not much to recommend this place over your typical diner-style breakfast joint. For not a hell of a lot more money, go have brunch at Parc and get food prepared with much more care, in a less hectic atmosphere, and be in and out by the time you would have been seated at a place like this. Until places like this can deliver and the word brunch is no longer spelled with the letters H-Y-P-E in this town, I am abstaining.

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Carla said...

Good to know. I want to plan a longer trip to Philly (I was there for 6 hours on way home from vacation in NJ), so all I tried was the two philly steak places right next to each other. I liked Geno's the best. Anyway, I'll have to really read your reviews when I decide to go and stay away from this place.

Also, bet you're excited for hosting TwD next month. I know I was.