Monday, January 11, 2010

Sweet Potato Tacos

Here at I'll Eat You, we're not too proud to shamelessly rip off a delicious dish we've had elsewhere. So when we had the sweet potato tacos at Honest Tom's Taco Shop (when their mobile taqueria rolled into our neighborhood for Blocktoberfest a few months ago), we knew we had to recreate these cheap and cheerful morsels at home.

Really, they couldn't be easier. Get yourself a few sweet potatoes. Peel and dice them. I start them in the microwave in a covered dish with a little bit of water, just long enough so they begin to soften.

While the sweet potatoes are getting nuked, juice half a lime in a bowl and add some diced avocado, grape tomatoes, garlic and/or scallions, maybe a little cayenne and oregano, salt and pepper. You can mush it up guacamole-style if you like, or leave the avocado chunky-style as we've done here.

When the potatoes are soft, after about 4 or 5 minutes depending on your microwave, get a pan real hot and add a little bit of oil. Drain the sweet potatoes and add to the pan. You want them to get a little charred around the edges, so make sure the pan is large enough that they're all in a single layer. After the edges have browned a bit, toss them around. When the sweet potatoes are almost charred all around and cooked through, add some chili powder, salt and pepper.

Grab some soft tortillas (either flour or corn), throw on some sweet potatoes and top with the avocado mixture. If you want to get fancy, add some fresh cilantro, maybe some goat cheese, or spice things up with some hot sauce (I used some piri-piri on the above specimen). Fold it up and enjoy!

Aside from being pretty healthful, these are also ridiculously cheap to make, and any leftover sweet potatoes make a fine side dish. So thanks, Honest Tom, for inspiring this entry into our dinner rotation.