Friday, November 26, 2010

Winter Citrus Salad

Well, technically it's not winter yet, but we were surprised by some random snow flurries falling outside while we prepared this tasty and refreshing fruit salad to bring to Thanksgiving. It's pretty simple, but the interplay of flavors, all tied together by some spearmint, gave it a real sophisticated taste, and the layered presentation in a trifle bowl sure was elegant. Here's how we did it:

3 oranges
4 tangerines
Pineapple (we cheated and got some pre-cut pineapple; probably around a pound?)
1 pomegranate
Spearmint leaves

Supreme the oranges and tangerines, and combine in a bowl. Extract all the seeds from the pomegranate and reserve. (A good trick for doing this, as seen on Good Eats, is to break the fruit apart in a bowl underwater. This keeps juice from flying everywhere, and the pith/membrane all float to the top, making it easy to skim off when you're through.) Cut the pineapple into tiny planks about one inch by a quarter inch by an eighth-inch thick. Chiffonade a good handful of washed spearmint leaves.

Drain all the excess juice from the oranges/tangerines and pineapple (save this for drinking later, it's pretty tasty). Add half of the mint to the citrus and half to the pineapple, tossing each fruit with the mint to distribute.

To assemble, in a clear-sided bowl, make a layer of the orange-tangerine mixture. Sprinkle about half of the pomegranate pips in a ring around the inside edge of the bowl. Add the pineapple on top, then top with the remainder of the pomegranate. Chill in the fridge for a few hours before serving to allow flavors to mingle. Enjoy!

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