Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'll Drink You (Finally): Regulus Brown Ale

Every time I walk down the street these days, this is all I hear: "Hey! You're the guy from 'I'll Eat That', aren't you? What's the deal with your beer? It's been months since you wrote about it and there haven't been any updates! I hate you." For God's sake, settle down. The beer came out just fine.

I chose the name Regulus because of its Christmasy association: Regulus was (supposedly) the star that the Three Wise Men followed on their way to Bethlehem. I liked this idea of seeking out and following the light, a way to elevate the spirit in the midst of the winter doldrums. Plus, as Lauren was quick to point out, there's a character in Harry Potter by that name. (Come to think of it, I should have called this Regulus Brown, just to play off of that some more.) Here's the label:

I was pleased with how the beer itself ended up. The level of hoppiness was nice, there was a faint touch of residual sweetness, and the spices I added towards the end of the boil (cinnamon and fenugreek) provided a sense of mystery without being overpowering. It also leaves behind some nice lacing as it's being drunk from your glass.

So this was a success, and my friends and family were happy with the bottles I gave away as gifts. If I can remember exactly what I did, I might even brew another batch next year (but I'll probably want to try something different). Next up is an English-style Extra Special Bitter that I just boiled up today, made all the more British by the addition of some Lyle's Golden Syrup. Come back in several months to find out how that goes, should I remember to write about it!

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